BENCH FASTER 2X Charger for Android : New Version - (Length : 1M)

When you’re always on the go and usually charge your phone or tablet with a laptop or PC in the office or an USB port in the car, have you noticed that charging this way takes a really long time? And it’s almost impossible to actually increase your phone’s battery power if you’re using it as a GPS even while your phone is plugged in into your car's USB port; that's because your phone is using more power than the power your USB port can supply to your phone.   




A regular USB cable is made to communicate (transfer data) and to act as a power supply between your USB port and your device.




When you connect your device (i.e. phone, table, etc.) to your USB port(on your laptop or in your car), USB port automatically prepares to communicate with your device and provide limited electric energy:  to sync AND charge.  Simply put, attempting to transfer data and charge at the same time is the main reason why charging is so slow.






Turning the switch ON to DouBBleTime mode results in faster charging time for your device when plugged into your computer or USB port in your car.


Fast Charging AND Secure

An added bonus of DouBBleTime Charging Cable-it protects your personal and private data stored on your devices by blocking data connection. When DouBBleTime mode is turned ON, the cable prevents accidental data exchange when your device is plugged into a foreign charge source. DouBBLeTime mode achieves this by blocking off the data communication between your phone and USB ports, allowing only power charging to take place (at DouBBle the charging pace compared to a regular usb cable).



A simple yet ingenious special chip inside the switch talks to your computer saying, ‘I’m not a phone; I’m not going to sync, so give me maximum charging energy.’ This message allows the cable to bypass the capped out maximum power a USB can output and connect straight to the mainboard. The special chip also provides over current protection (OCP) and short circuit protection, which guarantees the safety of both your computer and device while charging. 





We used several power sources in our tests; used the USB charging cable from the original phone packaging for each phone or tablet and the USB ports of several different laptops (both PC and Mac). In addition, various vehicles with USB port were used for car charging tests.



● Charging Algorithm for Smartphone: Android Phone or iPhone has the most reliable and intelligent algorithm that is applied to protect battery and power source.

  1. Data Sync: If USB cable recognize as data mode for communication with PC, it sets the electric currents to 500mAfor charging.
  2. 3 Steps for AC Charging. Checking input voltage: Usually +5.0V checking. Checking charging capacity available of smartphone. Charging.


● Faster 2X : Faster 2X improves the electric current of USB power unit( PC or Automobile) up to 2000mAH. 

  1. It makes smartphone can recognize USB device as the AC charger.
  2. It secures the reliable electric current of USB power unit up to 2000mA

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