November 17, 2015

Press Release 11.16. 2015 From Bench-Soft.

Bench Soft Receives 2016 CES Innovation Awards with "No Plugging" USB Flash Memory

Press Release 11.16. 2015

Bench Soft (CEO Dong-Hun Lee) has garnered much attention from the market with its unprecedented type of USB memory device.

Xl.i.CON Flash Memory” is Bench Soft’s USB flash memory that sticks like a magnet when it is used with its ingenious iPhone smartphone case made with the X-Link technology. CES recognized Bench Soft's remarkable idea, and gave the award to the USB flash memory and case set.

The CES Innovation Awards is held every Januaray in Las Vegas. It has given award to a wide array of outstanding electronics, from smartphones to wearable devices, and gaming devices to 3D printers.

The smartphone case known by the product name “Xl.i.CON Case,” which is used together with the magnetic USB flash memory, has both D+/D- of USB standards and 2pin for power at the four contact points to make it simple and easy to connect to PCs, audios, and automobiles that support USB interface.

“Xl.i.CON Flash Memory” can be connected to iPhones with “Xl.i.CON Case.” It boasts data transmitting technology via a magnetic-type port, instead of an insert-type one. 

The wireless charger “Xl.i.CON PowerBank” for iPhone 6s, which was launched on the U.S. crowdfunding website Kickstarter last September, also uses Bench Soft’s X-Link magnetic port to charge the phone. The charging speed is as fast as that of regular wire chargers, yet does not sacrifice the energy efficiency. 

One Bench Soft official said, “The X-Link that we developed is an innovative technology that can be applied to various products, including auxiliary batteries, docks, and USB drives, as well as digital earphones. This year, we will showcase a total of three products at CES 2016, and we will also develop video devices, including 4K and thermal cameras.”

In addition to its award-winning product, Bench Soft has launched digital earphones and USB Hubs, which also utilize X-Link technology.

October 01, 2015

Press Release 9.23.2015 on Reuters

Press Release | Wed Sep 23, 2015 7:13pm EDT

XI.i.CON, a Wireless iPhone Charger with Data Sync Capabilities, Launches in Kickstarter in October

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XI.i.CON, a Wireless iPhone Charger with Data Sync Capabilities, Launches in Kickstarter in October

Bench Soft, the First Korean Startup to Succeed at Kickstarter, Challenges for the Second Time with XI.i.CON, its Brilliantly Designed Wireless iPhone Charger and Case Set

PR Newswire

SEOUL, Korea, Sept. 23, 2015

SEOUL, Korea, Sept. 23, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- #KICKSTARTER – Bench Soft, a Korean startup that specializes in making mobile accessories, announced that it will launch its wireless iPhone charger and case set XI.i.CON on Kickstarter in October. It consists of a wireless charging battery and a beautifully designed case for the iPhone 6 series with a powerful charging performance.

Bench Soft developed the XI.i.CON series after noticing that there were no mobile accessories on the market that could charge and sync data simultaneously, except for the iPhone's original lightning cable. The product does its job flawlessly via a case and a wireless charging battery that use an X-shaped magnetic connector.

The wireless battery has two charging modes: eco and high-speed charging. In eco mode, users can fully charge the iPhone 2.3 times, as it uses 95% capacity of the battery with 4,300 mAh. In high-speed charging mode, users can fully charge it 1.7 times at 2,000 mAh per hour, same as the original iPhone charger.

The XI.i.CON case for iPhone 6 series has soft texture and provides a great grip. It has a MFI certified micro 5-pin adaptor to make it possible to charge the phone with Android phone chargers. The adaptor is magnetic, making it easy to attach and detach, and users get the choice of which charger or cable to use.

In addition, with a mobile app and Bluetooth connection, users can see the remaining battery power by 1% unit. Users have the options to choose either charging mode or data sync mode. The product also prevents users from misplacing their iPhones. This is achieved via an app, which shows the distance between the phone and the battery.

iPhones are designed with a built-in battery, and the battery cannot be replaced with a new one. Also, iPhone's charging terminal is not compatible with Android's chargers. This can cause more difficulty. Bench Soft has solved this problems with XI.i.CON.

Bench Soft CEO Lee Dong-hun expressed his ambition: "XI.i.CON is the best wireless charger for iPhone 6 series which we have developed. We expect people to love the product. We are preparing to launch the product on Kickstarter in the beginning of October. We aim to achieve our goals through cooperative work with KSEED, a crowdfunding campaign promotion company in Korea."

On Kickstarter last year, Bench Soft raised about $98,000 with its high-speed charging cable, almost five times more than the funding goal of $20,000. It was the first Korean company to successfully raise funds via Kickstarter with a domestic product.

XI.i.CON is scheduled to be launched on Kickstarter on Oct. 15. It is currently receiving sponsor information on the landing page (


September 18, 2015

September 18, 2015

September 16, 2015

December 12, 2014

RainyDay Magazine's Holiday Gift Guide

2X Faster Charger is included on RainyDay Magazine's Holiday Gift Guide!


December 05, 2014

Another Review~


Bench 2X Faster Charger Cable Review

photo 5












Have you been in need of a way to charge your Android device quickly but don’t have access to a wall outlet? If so, then Pyramid Distribution may just have the cable you’ve been looking for. With regular USB cables, if you plug it into your computer to charge, you never know how long it’s going to take to charge your device since it’s also setup to transfer data. Pyramid may have solved this issue and if you want to find out, please read on. According to the company, since a regular USB cable is made to communicate or transfer data and to act as a power supply between your USB port and your device, it is the reason why charging is so slow when connected to your computer. Pyramid Distribution has solved this issue with it’s Bench 2X Faster Charger Cable that essentially that can be turned on or off and allows your device to charge faster when plugged into your computer or the USB port in your car. One other thing that they note is that if you’re one who is worried about accidental data transfers, the “DouBBleTime mode” will prevent accidental data exchange when plugged into a foreign charge source since it blocks all data communication between your phone and the USB port.


By switching the cable into “DouBBleTime mode” it basically stops all data transfer and improve the electric current up to about 2,000mA. In practice, the cable while a very simple thing, works extremely well. When I tested it, I charged my device for an hour each, the first time doing it with “DouBBleTime mode” on and the second time with it off. My results were that when in “DouBBleTime mode” the charger gave me about 10 percent more power. I went from 45 percent to 70 percent in an hour then when I had it plugged in with data transfer enabled, it only went up to about 85 percent. It may not seem like a lot more power, but I was impressed none the less. Pyramid Distribution also notes that when using a normal USB in the car, it’s almost impossible for it to supply your smartphone some power if you’re using many of the functions at the same time, such as the GPS, music, Bluetooth, etc. Using my normal charger in my car, I always found this to be the case, especially when listening to music and having my smartphone connected to my Pebble smartwatch. I found that the “DouBBleTime mode” also held true in the car and was able to supply that same 10 percent more power while commuting and my device would actually charge instead of continuing to drain slowly.


The Bench 2X Faster Charger Cable from Pyramid Distribution is an accessory that works exactly as advertised. It allows you to have the charging capabilities that you would when plugged into a wall outlet and to get the most out of your electrical current. Selling for only $14.99, I think it’s fairly cheap and is worth every penny, especially if you’re always plugged into a computer USB port at work or while on the go. I would have liked to see it charge my device faster, but it seems that all depends on your specific device. I tested this out with two different devices, first the LG Nexus 4 then the OnePlus One and I found that while both charged faster in “DouBBleTime mode” the OnePlus was the winner as far as who was able to charge more. So, it all depends on how fast your device is able to charge. If you do pick up this charger, please note that you should not use it with a USB hub since the max current is 500mA.

You can pick up your Bench 2X faster Charger Cable from Pyramid Distribution here now.

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November 27, 2014

2X Faster Charging Cable review!


Bench Soft 2X USB Charging Cable for Android review

4 On

Charging devices is one of the unpleasant and time-consuming tasks that we gadget addicts must endure, thanks to the primitive state of electrochemical energy storage.  While ultracapacitors have not yet set us free from the torturous charging wait time, there are products that purport to make that wait time shorter.  Bench Soft sent us this cable, which they claim will charge your Android device twice as fast as a standard USB cable when plugged into a desktop or laptop USB port.  There is a caveat that you cannot use this in a hub, it has to be plugged directly into your computer. 

The reason that regular USB cables fall short on charging when plugged into a computer is, according to the product page, that the USB is busy communicating with your computer, which limits the amount of throughput available for charging.  This is plainly seen when trying to hook an iPad up to the computerit will sync but there isn’t enough left to support charging.

1 Box

This cable can be used in either Charge mode (which disables the data connection but allows a 2000 mA current to flow unimpeded to your device) or in USB mode, where it will trickle charge but allow you to use the data connection.  A switch on the side of the cable activates or deactivates the charge mode.

In the forward position, the cable is in charge mode and a small orange LED illuminates on the end of the cable.

5 Lit

In the reverse position, the cable is in data mode but I do not recommend trying to connect it to your cat’s nose.

3 Off

2 Cable

The cable itself is one meter in length and is very sturdy.  Should my cat Jack attempt to chew through it, it should withstand at least the initial attempts.  Then again, Jack decided to chew the corner of my LG IPS monitor this morning and one bite destroyed the display:

2014-08-11 07.26.57

So he has the bite pressure of a Great White shark.  Still, this cable should hold up relatively well.

So does this cable do what the manufacturer says it does?  I ran six tests, using my Google Nexus 7 as the test device.  I used Battery Monitor Widget (a free app) to keep track of the charge status for each test.  In the first set of tests, I tried the Bench Soft cable both in the on and off positions as well as a random USB cable I plucked out of my cable drawer plugged into an iPad USB charger plugged into the wall.  Then I repeated the three tests plugging into the USB port on my MacBook Pro Retina 13.  Here are the results.  All charge times are based on charging the Nexus 7 from 23% to 100%.

Bench Soft 2X cable in the ON position plugged into the iPad AC-USB charger:  170 minutes

Bench Soft 2X cable in the OFF position plugged into the iPad AC-USB charger:  160 minutes

Random USB cable plugged into the iPad AC-USB charger:  150 minutes

So you will get no benefit from using this cable with your USB charger as the whole conductor is used for charging and not for data connection.  So I repeated the exercise as directed, into the USB port of my sleeping MacBook Pro 13.

Bench Soft 2X cable in the ON position plugged into the MacBook Pro USB port:  160 minutes

Bench Soft 2X cable in the OFF position plugged into the MacBook Pro USB port: 405 minutes

Random USB cable plugged into the MacBook Pro USB port:  390 minutes

This is a VERY dramatic difference in charge times.  Now, I don’t ever charge through the USB port of my computer but if you have to, this cable will definitely perform as advertised!

I don’t know if this cable will have similar performance on other USB Micro-charged devices but I suspect if they can connect to your computer for data transfer, the impact of this cable should be comparable.  It is marketed specifically as an Android device charger and, for the very specific conditions it is designed for, it really works well.  Whether it is worth the $15 Pyramid Distribution is asking for it will depend entirely on how often you charge your devices through your computer’s USB port.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by Pyramid Distribution. Please visit their site for more info.


Product Information

Price: $14.99
Manufacturer: Bench Soft
Retailer: Pyramid Distribution
  • Android device with USB Micro connector, desktop or laptop computer with free USB port (no hubs allowed).
  • Does exactly what it says it does, cuts your charge time in half when connected to a computer's USB port
  • Won't give you any boost if plugged into an AC to USB adapter but that's to be expected
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November 04, 2014

Distribution deal in C.I.S. Area.

We recently made distribution agreement for C.I.S. area with Korexpert. LLC. If you wanna be a dealer of Bench-Soft from C.I.S. area, Please contact Korexpert.LLC.
September 20, 2014

GMV Innovation Awards Ceremony!

GMV Innovation Awards Ceremony